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Mercy Primary School, Belfast

Houses and Homes Topic by P4.


House and Homes

We started our topic at home! Literally!

We looked up our addresses online and use 'Street View' to find our house.

We sketched a picture of our houses for our classroom display.

It was fun to show our friends where we live!


P4 Drama Role Play!


P4 Drama Role Play

Lucky us, we are reading Fantastic Mr. Fox in P4.

We decided we wanted to write a Diary Entry as Mr. Fox so we thought we'd better start acting like him!

We used drama freeze frame to show the scene we wanted to write about.

We used our body language, facial expression and eyes to portray our character.

Here we are, the P4 acting troupe!

We wrote as Mr. Fox afterwards. Our writing was FANTASTIC!



P4 Angle Investigation!


P4 Maths

We have been learning all about shape in P4.

We can talk about the properties of 2D shapes and 3D shapes.

Here we are out on an 'Angle Investigation'.

We found right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles hiding everywhere in our school!


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7th Jun 2017

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